A place with more than 100 years of tradition

In 1906, the original hotel building was built by Anton Peukert, who, according to historical records, worked as a blacksmith in Malá Skála for many years. Perhaps because his profession was not even remotely close to the hospitality trade, he was forced to sell the hotel after a few years due to large debts. The exact date of the transaction has not been preserved in the archives and it is only known that the new owner was Dr. Wedinger, who rented it for several years.

Contemporary records show that Antonín Miller, Mrs. Tichá, Mr. Tulach and Mr. Uhlíř took turns as hoteliers. Dr. Wedinger soon sold the hotel to Mrs. Františka Plátková. The archives contain other names of hoteliers who changed over the years: Andělín Jech, Josef Havel with his wife Anna and son Arnošt, František Kovář with his wife Věnceslava, Josef Sedlák with his daughter Libuše.   

After the communist coup in 1948, the hotel was confiscated from its owners and the prosperous business was turned into a corporate holiday residence of the ROH. After almost forty years of forced hiatus, the hotel was returned to its original owners and finally began to serve its original purpose again.

In the following years, the hotel was taken over by a now defunct banking institution, which in 2004 rebuilt the hotel into its present form. In 2005 the current owners bought the building and, like their predecessors of old, lease it out.

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